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Fitness training of athletes

Fitness training of athletes

Fitness preparation is a set of training procedures for the development and maintenance of the athlete's functional and motor abilities, morphological characteristics of the status.

It includes fitness training for the purpose of improving performance on the field in a particular sport. There are different approaches to fitness preparation depending on the sport, age, gender and the moment when the athlete joins fitness training (pre-competition, competition or transitional phase). It is a complex process for developing or maintenance of functional and motor abilities of athletes. Functional abilities include: aerobic and anaerobic energy capacities. These are the capacities that the body uses to create energy with (aerobic) or without (anaerobic) the presence of oxygen. Motor abilities include: strength, speed, strength, endurance, flexibility , precision, agility, balance and coordination. Each of the abilities has its influence in sports and especially the time when it is favorable to develop them (sensitive stages of development). In addition to motor and functional abilities, fitness training of athletes also includes a very important segment - the development of optimal movement. In the preparation cycle, we accept up to 5 people in one group. The basic part of the preparation consists of 6 weeks. The age limit for participation in the preparations is 18 years. During the summer, there will be two periods of preparation.

Why are we making these preparations?

It is important for every athlete to be prepared at the beginning of the season, in order to be more competitive and stronger, achieve better results and prevent injuries during the competition period.