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Christian Kos

Kristijan Kos - Trainer and founder of Strong Boxing and Gym

You have to live the sport to be the best. I've been in sports since I was little. I have been in martial arts since I was ten years old. My first combat sport was wrestling, which I trained for four years, where I also tried my hand at competition. After that, I switched to kick boxing, which I trained for a year. At the age of 16, I discovered boxing, where I spent the highest competitive level of my life, 8 years in amateur boxing. I participated in 5 Croatian national championships and many tournaments in Croatia and the region, and I have a total of 70 matches behind me.

My first encounters with coaching were when I was training intensively and fighting, where I led training sessions in my home club. In those moments, my love for coaching began to develop, where I realized that this is the job I want to do. I said goodbye to my career and fully devoted myself to coaching life, through education and training. I started working at my home club where I coached younger players and progressed in my career. During boxing training, I also liked fitness training, because one cannot go without the other in every sport. I further invested in my knowledge and became a fitness coach in sports.