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The sauna is an excellent choice for cleansing the body and relaxing. Twenty minutes in the sauna will speed up your heart rate by 70%, and in addition, blood vessels will expand and blood flow through the body will increase. In this way, the sauna not only serves to relax the muscles and mind after a hard working day or week, but also serves as a prevention for potential diseases and strengthening immunity. Due to the numerous positive effects of the sauna on health, it is recommended to go to the sauna at least once a week. Spend a few minutes a day in the sauna to reduce the accumulated stress during the day. In addition, tension in muscles and joints can also be easily solved during a stay in the sauna. Thanks to the high heat in the sauna, the body releases endorphins, hormones that have a calming effect on a person's physical and mental state. The price of the sauna is 10 euros for 60 minutes for a maximum of two people.

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